Are you considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Going Home For most people the best part of weight loss surgery is that nowadays they typically go home far sooner. Day Surgery Patients If you are having day surgery, make sure there is someone to accompany you home and, for at least 24 hours, you don’t drive a car, make important decisions, use any

Weight loss surgery is only the start. Success requires not only surgical skill but also commitment by you and our team to achieve the results we all want. This is why our team and postoperative care plan is essential. Ongoing Care for Months and Years. Regardless of which weight loss procedure you choose, you will

“I’ve heard that weight loss surgery is really expensive, I don’t think I can afford it” It’s as cheap as chips… Metaphorically speaking obesity surgery, be it a gastric band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, is as cheap as chips. That is, if you were to calculate how much money you’ll save from not buying

Research has shown that over the years the number of people who are obese has been increasing and has been the number one cause of health risk. Such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease even death.  Obesity can lower down the quality of life physically, mentally and emotionally. With the help of today’s technology

The following list offer simple observations to help lose weight. 1. You will never lose weight because someone tells you to. Don’t even bother trying to motivate yourself to lose weight because so-and-so told you that you should. If you do, it won’t work. You have to want to do it for yourself. Then, and