Why should you combine weight loss treatments from the start?

Many people are combining two or more bariatric surgeries in order to achieve more effective results

Losing weight can be an incredibly gruelling process. After years of trying and failing to lose weight through diet and exercise, many people turn to bariatric surgery as a solution to finally meet their weight loss goals. Unfortunately, single bariatric surgery isn’t always an absolute solution and many people find themselves falling back into the cycle of weight gain and bad eating.

Often just removing the amount you’re able to eat is not enough and some people also need help not feeling hungry. For this reason, combining bariatric surgeries can often be extremely beneficial in assisting in the weight loss process for some people.

What causes weight regain after single bariatric surgery

Generally, weight regain is noticed a few years after the original surgery. One of the main causes of this can be dilation or stretching of the gastric pouch which causes people to lose the feeling of fullness when they eat.

Usually most weight regain is caused by changes in your stomach and intestine; however, it’s often possible that weight regain is being caused by changes in your diet and exercise habits. In this case, it can be possible to lose the weight again through strict diet and frequent exercise.

Combining procedures can help to prevent this weight regain from happening in the first place.

What types of surgeries can you combine?

Many patients will choose to undergo gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery, or a ‘sleeve bypass’. Although the bypass reduces the amount you are able to eat, many people struggle to suppress that hungry feeling-which is where the sleeve comes in.

Gastric bypass not only limits how much food you can eat but also restrict how many nutrients your body can absorb. When gastric bypass is combined with a gastric sleeve, the chances of keeping the weight off are greatly increased.

What to consider when combining weight loss surgeries

As with all surgery, there are risks involved. Combining weight loss procedures do carry a number of risks and you should carefully consider if this option is right for you. Educating yourself on the specifics of your procedure will also help you to understand both the risks and benefits involved.

Combining weight loss surgeries with Dr Kevin Dolan

Dr Kevin Dolan is an experienced surgeon based in Perth, Western Australia who offers a range of weight loss solutions to suit each and every one of his patients.

If you’re considering combining surgeries to achieve your weight loss goals, take a look at our weight loss surgery combinations page for more information!