Are you considering Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Did you know that it is possible to combine gastric sleeve surgery with bypass surgery to combat more than one weight concern?

Often patients who struggle with weight are concerned about both the type of food they eat (high-calorie diets) and the desire to consume more food (hunger). Now; at WALOS hunger and high-calorie diets can be treated with a combination of sleeve and bypass surgery to help combat both concerns at the same time!

Why choose Dr Kevin Dolan if you’re considering combination weight loss surgery?

As one of the only surgeons doing a combination gastric bypass and sleeve procedure, visiting Dr Kevin Dolan could help you keep the weight off long term.

Weight loss surgery can be an incredibly effective tool for reducing your weight, body fat and helping you live a healthier life. Often times, patients choose to undergo a weight loss procedure, only to realise in the future that they still are unable to keep the weight off. This can be dependent on a number of factors; however, it can often come down to choosing the wrong procedure, to begin with.

Combination gastric sleeve and bypass

Dr Kevin Dolan offers a solution to this by providing patients with a combination gastric sleeve and bypass procedure. A gastric bypass not only limits how much you can eat, but it also restricts how many nutrients your body can absorb. When combined with a gastric sleeve, which helps to suppress hunger by removing the hormone which makes you feel hungry, you will have a far higher chance of keeping the weight off post-surgery.

For many patients, losing weight can be heavily affected by certain psychological barriers. Even though body fat may be reduced through exercise and dieting; if no visible results are seen it can be incredibly un-motivating to continue with this routine. Furthermore, stress and anxiety can also have a great effect on how weight is regulated, so if you’re constantly experiencing psychological ups and downs throughout your journey, this could inhibit weight loss.

Dr Kevin Dolan, weight loss surgeon

Dr Kevin Dolan is an experienced surgeon, performing weight loss surgery in WA for over 15 years. Having performed more than 7000 laparoscopic procedures in this time, Dr Dolan has a complete understanding of which procedures are best suited for each and every one of his patients.

Gastric sleeve and bypass surgery is an innovative procedure to assist comprehensively with the weight loss process. Dr Kevin Dolan is one of the only surgeons performing this procedure and prides himself on delivering effective results to his patients.

If you’re considering a gastric sleeve and bypass procedure, contact Dr Kevin Dolan Today!