Beauty and the bypass – Part 2

Your weight loss journey doesn’t just stop after you’ve had surgery

Most of us cannot help but compare ourselves to others and often, we have a preconceived idea of what to expect – especially with weight loss. We want to know where others have started, what surgery they had, how far post-op they are and how much weight they have lost.

When approaching weight loss, there is no one-size-fits all approach. As everyone’s bodies are different, the way you lose weight will differ.

Dr Dolan knows that his weight loss surgeries aren’t finished when you leave the hospital. Comprehensive meal plans, exercise programs and visits with nutritionists will be scheduled to help you adjust to your new body.

Keeping the weight off

For Fiona, one of her greatest hurdles was keeping the weight off. Pre-op Fiona struggled with diets, and had a love hate relationship with exercise.

“After two weeks I had a post-operative appointment with Gemma, the nutritionist and she went through the next four-week stage of reintroducing food step by step, little by little and explained about reflux and dumping syndrome and gave examples of amounts and foods.”

“As I seem to have lost most of my appetite and at times it is a struggle to eat – I have to remind myself to do so! This is quite strange to me as I have always been a keen eater! I don’t think I am drinking enough water as recommended by Gemma and this is something I need to be mindful of, especially with summer approaching.”

Surgery isn’t easy

“There haven’t been many difficult moments but the worst was the first night after the operation. I woke up in the early hours with a blinding headache and sore stomach. My blood pressure shot up and I was administered morphine for the pain. The gas trapped inside had to work its way out and can cause pain. But for me it was the headache that was worse and in the end it turned out I was experiencing a reaction to the anti nausea drug and once that was changed to an alternative drug I was fine.”

“For me also, I find I am very tired. The first couple of weeks especially so – I slept a lot and could do things in short bursts before needing another snooze. My energy levels are slowly returning as I can eat more ‘normal’ food, but the body needs time to adjust to this new regime of small portions and it is a learning curve to find you can’t spring back straight away.”

“I have been very lucky with my employer being very supportive of me and I have reduced my work hours for the rest of this term (I am a primary school teacher) to be able to properly rest and recuperate and give my body every chance to recover and heal.”

Life after surgery

Each patient undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery needs to set his or her own definition of weight loss success. Success to Fiona was much more than just seeing the declining numbers on the scales.

Dr kevin dolan“My goal weight is 70kg. My weight loss journey will hopefully see me shed nearly half of my original weight. For me though, weight loss has other benefits apart from becoming skinny. I hope to be off diabetes medication, to lower blood pressure and lower my cholesterol levels (and come off both medications).”

“I have already started feeling and seeing the effects of my initial weight loss. I have osteoarthritis in my knees – and had surgery on one in May 2017. My knees are not sore anymore and I can walk without limping. I don’t snore as much at night and my sinuses feel much clearer. My face is slimmer and I have lost the puffiness around my eyes. My GP has also cut down one of my night time diabetes medications already.”

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